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SENEGAL: Vote in Senegal in 2017, by Mamadou Sy Tounkara.

Mamadou Sy Tounkara durant les législatives à Louga

The first lesson to be remembered of the July 30th 2017 legislative elections is the incredible failure of our state to organize anything in a satisfactory way: neither sectoral or global policy nor General Competition , Neither baccalauréat, nor BFEM, nor elections. Seriousness is not yet our cup of tea. Fortunately, General Lamine Cissé had established military procedures since 2000 that make it impossible to fly in the polls. All that remains are the fictitious polling stations and the unconstitutional impediment to voting citizens.

Then the people complain about the incompetence and the dishonesty of the politicians but vote en masse on their behalf. Senegalese syndrome. Everyone mourns the “country that does not work” because of a predatory system and leaders but they deserve our voices. The mechanical majority of our outgoing National Assembly is the most debased in our political history because of its lack of productivity and exemplarity, yet it is comfortably renewed. Our children and our grandchildren will most certainly have to say about us.

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Moreover, the electoral system recalls that it is of another age: 49% of the votes assure 75% of the seats in the Assembly.

This election sounded the death knell of some professional politicians, pushed out by an alternative political offer, that of the Independents who participated in a legislative election for the first time in the history of Senegal.

These Independents had promising honorable scores. For a very first appearance with meager means, tens of thousands of Senegalese voted for them without any form of corruption, opening the way to a Senegal other, in twenty years, in which knowledge, work, rigor, Cleanliness and good behavior will be the only references.

By Mamadou Sy Tounkara, Mouvement “Defar Senegal”.


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