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UNITED STATES: Donald Trump’s comments condemned.


The House of Representatives condemned Tuesday, July 16, 2019, the words deemed racist President Donald Trump. Since July 14, he has been directly attacking four female Democrats who are minority women through tweets.

This conviction took effect following a long and heated session in Congress. Being in the majority in this Congress, the Democrats voted 240 votes against 187 a resolution condemning the racist comments of President Donald Trump.

During the debate, Nancy Pelosy President of the Democrats, opens the hostilities with a speech without complacency against the tenant of the White House. She did not fail to describe the remarks of the American President as “shameful and disgusting”. Although the response was quick by some Republicans led by Kevin McCarthy who ensure that “this controversy is a political story.”

Far from being touched by the salty response of his opponents, Donald Trump defends himself. According to him, his words are far from being racist. Accustomed to similar facts, he repeats and attacks again the four elected Democrats on Tuesday, July 16, 2019, day of the vote in Congress: Rashida Tlaib, first American of Palestinian origin to join the Congress; Ilhan Omar, former refugee of Somali origin,
Alexandria Occasio-Cortez, a Puerto Rican; Ayanna Pressley, an African-American.

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It should be noted that these highly controversial outings come one year before the presidential election scheduled for 2020. The US President has thus invited the members of his party to be more vigilant and not to fall into the trap of the opposition.


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