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UNITED STATES: Simone Manuel defeats Swedish Sarah Sjöström.

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Swimmer Simone Manuel defeated world title favorite Sarah Sjöström of Sweden in the final on Friday 28 July 2017 in Budapest.

The reigning Olympic champion, completed the round-trip in 52 sec 27 / 100th.

Simone Manuel thus climbs to Hungary for the first time alone on the highest step of the podium, after the titles with the American relays of the 4×100 m freestyle and the 4×100 m medley mixed.

Sarah Sjöström had taken a half-second ahead of the American, but she had all the difficulties to complete her return with 51.31.

As a reminder, Simone Manuel was born on August 2, 1996 in Houston. She is an American swimmer specializing in freestyle sprint events. By winning the 100-meter freestyle with Canada with Canadian Penny Oleksiak, she became the first African American to win an Olympic swimming title in an individual race.

Swimmer Simone Manuel.

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