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SENEGAL: Thione Niang: I no longer feel safe!


Thione Niang no longer feels safe in her country of origin, Senegal. The young prodigy has decided in recent years to return to Senegal and invest there in favor of jobs. This young African lover who is an immigrant like no other, was formerly responsible for the young democrats in the United States for former President Barack Obama.

Aware of the need and the urgency to be part of the children of the country who must do something for their country, he has no hesitation for a single moment to do what is called in English “Giving back”. However, for the past few days, he has been going through a difficult period. Intimidation, harassment by the police, threats inside his house but also in his cultural or hotel structures which he set up to give work to young people.

Indeed, through a video, it is a known fact of the harassment object of the part of the police of Bargny, a locality about thirty kilometers from Dakar.

This problem raises the question not only of security, but of the possibility for Senegalese immigrants who wish to return to the country to invest there. They are perpetually confronted either with a hostile family, a hostile society, a hostile administration or in the face of State apparatuses which put the brakes on this thoughtful choice of the rare immigrants who have courage and determination, who participate in development economic of their pay.

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In the worst case, either the money sent to set up a business is managed by his own family, by his own friends or by a greedy administration and I don’t care.

Immigrants like Thione Niang, intimidated, discouraged, the project aborted by poor management of trusted people who ultimately abuse this trust, are numerous, very numerous. This Thione case is one of many.

The Senegalese state must be able to ensure the security of its immigrants, these sons of the country who did not choose the facility. These immigrants who have abandoned their comfort in Europe for the love of their country to invest in their country of origin, to support unemployed youth to participate in the eradication of unemployment.

This exit of Thione Niang recalls the violent attack with the machete of the American Mouhamadou Niass in Kaolack, he too had abandoned everything in the USA for Senegal. It cost him his life. Our condolences to his saddened family.

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