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SENEGAL: Corruption is still a concern.

Birahim Seck du Forum Civil, ©senego.com

In the ranking of Transparency International’s (Ti) Corruption Perception Index 2019, Senegal has not yet left the red zone. He keeps the same score, 45/100, four years in a row. Consequently, it is ranked 66th out of 180 countries.

For 2019, no progress has been noted in the fight against corruption in Senegal. This is at least what emerges from the Corruption Perception Index 2019 of Transparency International (Ti) which shows the score of 45 points out of 100 for Senegal. This means that Senegal is in the red zone and has struggled to reach 50 points since 2016, the date of the last report on corruption in the country.

Analyzing these results, the Civil Forum chaired by Birahim Seck considers that this static position of Senegal is explained by the impunity which reigns in the country despite the existence of the National Office of Fight Against Corruption (OFNAC) and others control body.

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Continuing with this logic, Birahim Seck shows, for example, that the publication of the documentary by the “BBC” chain on the oil scandal and which directly accuses the brother of President Aliou Sall, should have prompted the judicial authorities to react and to open an investigation serious since it related to several billion but nothing was concretely done.

The Civil Forum hopes that the national dialogue started in the country will take into account the level of corruption in the country and will propose solutions to this situation which does not honor Senegal.