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AFRICA: ADN tests : Claudy Siar is 89.2% African


Claudy Siar, host of “Couleurs tropicales” and “Voice Africa” and many other African-related shows, unveiled the results of his DNA test this 20th may 2020 on his facebook page. He the Caribbean, as he points out, is 89.2% of African land.

“A few weeks ago, I told you that I had done a DNA test to know that they were all the origins that compose me with the foundations of Africanity. When one is from the West Indies and our ancestors were deported to be slaves to the lands of the so-called New World, it is important to reconnect to oneself, to reconnect to Africa to know where one comes from.” said Claudy Siar.

The percentage is as follows:
50.5% of its origins belong to the regions of Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Niger
6.6% other West African countries
22.5% of Sierra Leone and Guinea
9.6% East Africa
1.2% Inuit
5.1% Italy
4.5% Northern and Western Europe

The host was occasionally confronted with violent criticism from Internet users. Some reproached him for wanting to speak on behalf of Africa and for Africans when he did not live on the continent or was not African. Others accused him of wanting to intervene or give his opinion on issues that they thought should be addressed only by the Africans. Frequently and sometimes live from his live shows that he regularly gives on his Facebook page, the followers were there to remind him that he was not African, so should not talk about Africa.

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This DNA test not only sheds light on its true origins, but also shuts down its critics, telling them that it has the legitimacy to talk about Africa.

This DNA test comes not only to shed light on its true origins, but also to nail its critics, to tell them that it has the legitimacy to talk about Africa, a continent that is dear to it, the land of its ancestors, a continent that is linked to its skin color, to its history. That his fight will always be to defend the continent from the evils that undermine it internally but also those that come from outside. And finally humanity is one and “indivisible”.

The video here he talks about the results of his tests:

Family photo URSULE-SIAR:

Mapping of the DNA test:


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