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ALGERIA: Epidemiological balance stable despite slight episodic increases


Algeria’s epidemic curve has been stable for several months, which marks an improvement in the situation with contamination currently at 238 cases per day, or 22% of the peak of infections. The highest average number of daily contamination cases was reported on November 26.
The coronavirus pandemic has been stable in Algeria for several months. However, the spokesperson of the Scientific Committee for the Monitoring of the Evolution of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Dr.Djamel Fourar, stressed that the current epidemiological situation requires every citizen to be vigilant and to respect barrier gestures and restrictions such as containment.

On 30 January, the Algerian government extended partial containment in 19 regions of the country for 15 days to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The curfew has been maintained, recreational facilities and gyms closed and the opening hours of several shops, including restaurants and cafes that can only offer take-out sales, have been limited.

Restrictions that were not well received by the public. Indeed, in Jijel, a coastal city in the east of Algeria, the announcements brought out, two consecutive nights, a few hundred people in the streets. The demonstrators marched peacefully, repeating several songs of Hirak, the popular protest movement that began in February 2019. At the head of the procession, a banner with an explicit message: “Failed policies are more dangerous than corona”. In the face of the wind of revolt, a few days later, the authorities eased some of the restrictions.

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Since the first case occurred in Algeria in February 2020, there have been 110,049 cases of contamination and 2,930 coronavirus-related deaths in the country. As of Thursday, February 11, the number of patients cured has increased to 75,433.


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