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ALGERIA will defeat the pandemic in the near future according to minister Benbouzid : «We must all wear masks»

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The mask is one of the most important means of dealing with Covid-19. The Minister of Population Health and Hospitaller Reform Abderahmane Benbouzid called yesterday in Oran citizens to wear masks. “We must all urge the people to make bibs at home, There was an experience in a city in Germany, 15 days of masks, result no contamination,” the government member said. By Fethi Mohamed

Before adding: “I wear a mask made by the vocational training sector, to give the example, I want you to do the same, We have to the scientific committee, prepared a sheet that indicates how to make a mask that can be washed and sterilized in 70 degree boiling water for half an hour. Everyone can move, provided they wear a mask». Note that the disease is transmitted through postillons, sneezing or close contact responsible for the transmission of the virus. It is considered to be a direct or indirect contact, a face-to-face contact within one metre of the patient at the time of a cough, sneeze or discussion in the absence of protection.

During his speech at the level of the university hospital of Oran EHU, in the presence of the Prime Minister, Abdelaziz Djerad as well as the Minister of Industry and Culture and an advisor to the Presidency, As well as all the heads of services of this hospital, the minister praised the efforts of medical staff, which allowed Algeria to avoid the worst. “It is a feat to write in gold letters on the health registry”. Regarding the current situation, the Minister stated that : ‘It is mastered thanks to the mobilization, we are faced with figures that can worry the citizens, but this has to do with the increase in the number of diagnostic sites that currently exceeds twenty in the territory” he said.

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Before adding: “The number of current cases remains satisfactory as it does not exceed 200 cases daily. What is very important is the number of deaths. With the Chloroquine treatment, which has been very successful and the work done by the medical staff, we have deaths below 10 per day. But the number that reassures us the most is that of the cases in reanimation that does not currently exceed 20, whereas at the beginning of the crisis, 6,000 beds were mobilized because we were worried that we would not be able to handle a large number of ICU cases,” he concluded.

Source : Tribune Ouest / By Fethi Mohamed


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