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ANGOLA: US$1.3 billion invested to supply water to Luanda


Angola received a total of US$1.3 billion in funding for a drinking water project in Luanda from Bita. The announcement was made during a recent visit to Luanda, the capital, by Benedict Oramah, President of the African Import-Export Bank (AfreximBank). The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (Bird), a subsidiary of the World Bank Group, and Bpifrance, a French public body for financing and business development, also participated in the project.

$1.3 billion is AfreximBank’s investment in development initiatives in Angola, such as the $3 billion Lobito Rail Corridor Project, and the Luanda Drinking Water Supply Project, which is valued at $900 million. It is a mega project for drinking water, and also one of the largest in Africa in terms of cost and infrastructure. 7.5 million people will benefit from this project, whose contracts have already been awarded, notably to a consortium led by the French giant Suez. 

Through this project, Angola wants to strengthen the water supply of the populations of the capital from Bita, a locality located 40 km from Luanda, where the French company began the construction of a drinking water plant with a capacity of 260,000 m3 per day. This station will operate thanks to a water intake installed in the Kwanza River that passes near the capital Luanda before jumping into the Atlantic Ocean. The project is being implemented by Suez in partnership with Mota Engil, a Portuguese construction company, and Soares da Costa, a civil construction company based in Porto (Portugal).

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The Luanda Drinking Water Supply Project also aims to install 82 km of water mains to supply four new distribution lines in targeted peri-urban service areas that are currently not supplied, south of the capital Luanda. They are Cabolombo, Mundial, Ramiros and Bita.The main lines will also be extended to supply two existing but under-supplied distribution centres in the suburbs of Luanda. Thus, the municipalities of Camama and Benfica will soon no longer be supplied by tankers.


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