Home LITERATURE BENIN: “Complaints don’t make our dreams come true” Reckya Madougou.

BENIN: “Complaints don’t make our dreams come true” Reckya Madougou.


The former Keeper of the Seals, Reckya Madougou, has signed his 3rd book «Cure the Certainties». This book, co-written with the writer Stephens Akplogan, invites the African continent to deconstruct the preconceived ideas and «false evidences and clichés built to legitimize a certain fatality of the African drama». The book was officially launched in September 2020 in Cotonou, the capital.

Reckya Madougou has decided to tackle the certainties of which the assistantship, which has become over the centuries, an area of comfort for the countries and populations of the African continent. According to her, “Complaints don’t make our dreams come true. It’s our battles and our resistance that shape them.” a post she posted on her facebook page to talk about her books.

(…) The problem of our society is in the heart of each of us members. Our expectations are not sincere in our hearts and it is on them that we structure our ideas of the world, our thoughts. Then we buy crazy dreams at the cost of our own happiness, believing in individuals whose life has nothing more sincere than their ability to play the rhythm that suits them. (…)» in “Healing the certainties”


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