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BENIN: President Patrice Talon’s two parties win 77% of the seats

President Patrice Talon ©Facebook page

77% of the seats were won by the two political parties led by President Patrice Talon in the municipal elections of 17 May 2020. The Electoral Commission has just published the provisional results of this election.

The Progressive Union and the Republican Bloc, the two parties close to the presidential mobility won the majority of the seats, 1,555 seats in total out of 1815. The national turnout in these elections, which took place in the context of a coronavirus-related health crisis, was 49% according to a statement from the CENA. The opposition, which did not take part in the vote and which had called for a boycott of the vote, compiled for its part to arrive at an overall participation rate of 25%.

In this war of figures for a war of the seats, if the parties of President Patrice Talon were distinguished by their high rate of victory: the Progressive Union comes in the lead with 39.97% followed by the Republican Bloc with, 37.38% of the votes cast or 77% for 1555 seats. Former President Thomas Yayi Boni’s party, La Force cauris pour un Bénin nouveau, registered only 260 seats or about 15% of the votes cast.

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The CENA will publish the final results in the coming days. Three parties will now be in the lead to control the communes throughout the country. Candidates who wish to run in the 2021 presidential election, will have to solicit them for sponsorships in order to validate their candidacy file.


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