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CANADA: Border Services Agency resumes deportations of people in an irregular situation


Canada has resumed, since November 30, 2020, the deportations of people in an irregular situation. Asylum seekers who have not yet been granted refugee status will be returned to their country. A measure denounced by associations for the defense of migrants.

Canada has resumed deportations of undocumented migrants from its territory. A decision suspended since March 17, 2020. “As of November 30, 2020, the Agency will resume removal operations for all foreign nationals who are inadmissible to Canada”, informs a press release from the Canada Border Services Agency ( CBSA). Most of these removal orders concern people who are inadmissible on serious grounds or those who wish to leave voluntarily. However, fourteen states, such as Iraq, Libya, Haiti, Mali, Central Africa, South Sudan, Burundi or the Democratic Republic of the Congo, are not included in these referrals. These countries benefit from an “administrative stay of removals” due to the situation there.

However, the resumption of evictions is not unanimous. “It’s totally criminal. We should wait until the pandemic situation improves overall. If you look at the countries where people are going to be deported, what is the level of risk precisely if they go back there? “, Denounces Frantz André, spokesperson for the Action Committee for Persons without Status.

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Guillaume Cliche-Rivard, president of the Quebec Association of Lawyers in Immigration Law (AQAADI) is equally disappointed. “It means that people who were waiting and in the hope of regularizing their status, some with the program which targets guardian angels, can be dismissed before”, he declared before adding: “These yet people play an important role in all sectors of our society. This includes people such as security guards who keep watch in health facilities or those who clean in CHSLDs, who are not targeted by any (regularization) program, but who cannot afford to lose. “

Faced with strong protests from certain organizations for the defense of refugees and immigrants, the Canadian Ministry of Immigration clarified on Tuesday, December 1, 2020 that those eligible for the regularization program for asylum seekers, also called “guardian angel” , are not affected.

The resumption of evictions is also worrying many economic operators and Canadian organizations, due to a possible shortage of labor in certain activities.


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