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CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: 22 MPs elected in the first round out of a total of 140


Due to the violence that prevented the holding of parliamentary elections in many places in the Central African Republic, the Constitutional Court ruled on Monday, February 1, 2021 by publishing the provisional results of this election held on December 27, 2020. As experts and observers had noted, the Constitutional Court rendered a large part of the vote null and void. Only 22 MPs were declared officially elected out of a total of 140.

346 requests had been sent by the opposition and observers to criticise numerous irregularities in the organization and conduct of the elections. The Constitutional Court took this into account by invalidating the vote in the following 13 constituencies: Bogambolo, Baoro, Dékoa, Sibut, Zangba, Carnot 1 and 2, Bambari, Kaga Bandoro, Bozoum Nanga Boguila, but also two districts of Bangui.

The reasons for the annulment of the vote mentioned by the Court revolve around threats and intimidation, counting in troubled circumstances, or destroyed ballot boxes. In addition, some results have been revised. For example, two candidates belonging to the majority and also ministers were declared officially elected while they were in the running, six other candidates were declared null and void.

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Among the 22 deputies declared elected by the Constitutional Court, five are from the MCU, the presidential movement, against six after the provisional results, three for the Fatherland party of Crépin Mboli Goumba, two for the URCA of the opponent Anicet Georges Dologuélé, Only one for François Bozizé’s KNK, as well as for Martin Ziguélé’s MLPC.

The National Election Authority (NSA) is planning a new electoral calendar to facilitate the holding of the second round in 47 constituencies. In addition, 71 by-elections will be held in areas where the vote could not be held or was simply cancelled. Everything should go quickly as the current term of office of MPs expires on May 2, 2021, and at least ⅓ of MPs were to be elected on that date for the nomination of the new team.


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