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CHAD – Fatime Hachem, first wife wants her husband Hissène Habré to be buried in her home country

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Will Hissène Habré rest in Senegal? This is the wish expressed by one of his wives named Fatimé Raymonne Habré on Tuesday, August 24, 2021. However, his first wife, Fatime Hachem, of Chadian nationality, unknown to the public and based in Senegal, expressed her desire to see the former president buried in his country of origin. The issue is far from simple.

The former Chadian head of state from June 1982 to December 1990, Hissène Habré, died on Tuesday, August 24, 2021, as a result of Covid-19. But, the place of his burial is subject to a controversy between his wives. If his first wife, Fatime Hachem, wishes to see his wife rested in Chad, the second wife, Fatimé Raymonne, chose Senegal. For the moment, no official decision has been taken regarding the burial of the former president, sentenced to life in 2016 by the Extraordinary African Chambers for crimes against humanity.  

His eldest son, based in Canada, flew to Senegal to discuss the burial arrangements for his father. The Senegalese authorities, for their part, do not want to get too involved in the affairs of the Habré family. They favour the decision of the Chadian government.


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