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CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Racist remarks cancel PSG match against Istanbul

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A new scenario took place at the Parc des Princes this Tuesday, December 8, 2020 in the last day of the group phase of the Champions League. The Turks from Istanbul on their way to France to face the PSG saw their match cancelled by the referee after a little more than 20 minutes of play because of comments deemed racist from the fourth referee.

The victim, former Cameroonian international Achille Webo, member of the staff of the Turkish club, heard the referee in question, Sebastian Coltescu, pronounce the term “negro” to talk about him. The latter, excluded by the central referee, was in every state, supported by his teammates and even by the Parisian team. The Senegalese international, Demba Ba, did not hold back, criticizing the referee’s behaviour in a tense face-to-face.Why do you say “this black guy” to talk about a black player when you say “this guy” to talk about a white player?” When you talk about a white person, you say “this man” instead of “this white man”. So why do you have to say “this black man” when you’re talking about someone who’s black?” he threw in his face.This event is reminiscent of the “Black Live Matters” movement that has set up across the United States and has recently been invited to basketball competitions as a protest. It is also reminiscent of what African footballers sometimes experience on European football fields.

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The video of the altercation between the fourth referee and Demba Ba:

After several minutes of exchanges between UEFA members and the referees of the match, there was no compromise and the match was simply cancelled.

This scenario predicts severe sanctions because less than 15 days ago, the Uruguayan striker of Manchester United, Edinson Cavani, was called to order by the English league for having used the term “negro” in one of his posts to designate his Latin-American “friends”.

The match will be replayed on Wednesday 9 December in the same stadium at 20h GMT.


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