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[CINÉ-ART] – Would Will Smith be a motivator without self-control?

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Sunday, March 27, 2022. Red carpet. Limousines with tinted windows vomit anorexic starlets with vertiginous necklines that reveal D-cup-padded tits and pretentious snobs in lustrous three-piece costumes in front of the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Haughty poses. Photo shoots. In Hollywood, we don’t do anything with lace. This is the 49th Oscars ceremony. A show of awards of actors and will try of the seventh art. The hall is full like an egg. We have even forgotten about Covid and its variants and its prophylactic and restrictive measures. The party is in full swing in total carelessness, even if we deign to grant a minute of the show time to the Ukrainian situation. Simple social convenience: if not the truth, we don’t give a shit as long as it doesn’t prevent us from living our own little lives.

Comedian Chris Rock, known for his salacious jokes, shoots the Hollywood hotshot with his carabiné humour. Everyone is laughing. The audience bends over backwards each time they strike. They drop something. Chapped laughter. It looks like a flaming spike. More like dynamite. My English is quite academic, but I could hear words like “Will”, “Jada”… And maybe bald head. Indeed, Will Smith’s wife is named Jada and for health reasons, she has a shaved head: the ball at zero. Laughter is coming. Will gets up and walks his nostrils up and down towards Chris like a furious Hancock hit by a meteorite. And bang! He unleashes a terrible slap on the left temple of Chris who staggers like a rock but does not fall. Dignity in dishonour. In any case, he knows how to take it, the guy. We’ve all heard the “wow” of the humorist. He felt it pass that one. Will sits down again under the dazed eyes of the audience. The audience is crossed by a great cold Chris sketches a plea. Will says, “You take my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth”! He just gave it away.

What could possibly have happened to bring us to such an outburst of violence between two black brothers? For all we know, Chris made a crack about Jada’s disease, suffering from alopecia. Illness is like physical: you don’t mess with it. On the web, web analysts are making a fuss: the 2022 Oscars have given them work, apparently; they are scrutinizing the facts with their binary intelligence. Some agree with Will. Others agree with Chris. Others agree with Chris.

Whatever Chris said. No matter what venom he used to steal his sentences, Will should not have reacted like that, as a whipped father, as a bottom boy, as a ghetto kingpin. That is a fact. The reason recommends it. Let us imagine that we start squashing our buns or punching people who disrespect us, who insult us or slander us. Others could have reacted like that, made scenes, I would have found nothing to gossip. But Will, it doesn’t belong to itself; it’s an icon, a model that has fallen into the public domain. By virtue of the image he presents to us, he should not have reacted in this way even though the act in his discharge could benefit from some extenuating circumstances. No one will accept that one “disrespects” his or her better half without flinching. Especially in public.

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A motivator, a personal development coach of Will’s stature should not present such an image, the image of a man who has no control over his emotions. When you want to be a model in a society where values are trampled on every day, you have to take height, distance… And Will, on this one, really screwed up. He’s really not on that act any different from his bossy dad who he says was maturing to kill.

But, in the end, we are men and Will, who understood the ignominy of his act, wanted to apologize in these words on his Instagram page the next day: “I would like to publicly apologize to you, Chris. What I did was inappropriate and I was wrong. He also apologized to the organizers and guests of the Oscars. Chris did the same. Now it all works out. Icing on the cake – I’m going to add a layer as a drop: this is the first time that a woman of color is defended in a beautiful way by man in front of a boosted audience.


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