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CÔTE D’IVOIRE – The PRIMUD 2022, International Prize for Urban Music and Offbeat Coupé

PRIMUD 2022 @Capture photo page de Molare

It is through a great evening this Sunday, November 6, 2022 at the Palais des Congrès of Sofitel Abidjan Hôtel Ivoire that the 7th edition of the Prix international des musiques urbaines et du Coupé décalé, Le PRIMUD 2022 took place. This was the meeting place for Ivorian celebrities in this sumptuous setting.

This prestigious gala evening brought together personalities such as influencers and business women Emma Lohoues, Emmanuelle Keïta, Apoutchou nationale, influential General Camille Makosso with her daughter, and singer Remy Adan, Vitale, the Web humorist, Eunice Zunon among other Showbiz personalities. The guests, imbued with creativity, were brimming with styles and original clothing on the red carpet at this event of distinction of the best Ivorian artists of the year.

Gospel rapper KS Bloom won the award for best singer of the year PRIMUD d’Or, he also won a CFF 200 million villa donated by the organizing committee led by Morifére Soumahoro «Le Molare», the boss of “M Groupe”, in partnership with a real estate agency. “I thank God for this prize because it is he who allows all things. I thank all those who have supported me. I dedicate this award to all the artists of Ivory Coast and to my brother Didi B, it is the family,” said the singer.

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The winners and their categories
KS Bloom
, winner of the ‘Best Singer’ category
Rhodes, winner of the ‘Best Choreographer’ category
Eric Bedy, winner of the ‘Best Artist Manager’ category
Tiger Cronz, winner of the ‘Best Video Director’ category
Vino the Ambassador, winner of the category ‘Best promoter of the diaspora’
Yilim, winner of the ‘Best Video Clip’ category
Tam Sir, winner of the ‘Best Arranger’ category
Nin’Wlou, winner of the ‘Best Slammer’ category
Dinaco Plaisir, winner of the ‘Discovery Prize’ category
Aziz 47, winner “Best Tradi-Modern Artist”

As a reminder, the PRIMUD, International Prize for Urban Music and the Coupé Décalé, has the primary ambition to reward singers and actors of Ivorian urban music. The PRIMUD was created in 2015 by the singer Morifére Soumahoro aka Molare, creator of the quirky coupe. He is one of the heavyweights of music in West Africa. On the counter: many international concerts, especially in China, the United States or Finland. Armed with his passion and love for urban music, he tries to organize and produce concerts and events and finally to create this prestigious Prize.


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