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DO NOT TOUCH MY HAIR: The revolution of frizzy hair.


If in the French capillary landscape there is an amazon who wants to revolutionize the look on frizzy hair, it is Murielle Kabile.

Saturday, June 15⁸, 2019 will remain forever etched in history. This hair stylist, artist in the soul organized a wild parade in the heart of Paris at the Place de l’Opera. His goal is simple to finish with the clumsy side of wanting to touch the frizzy hair.

A dozen models in all their diversity proudly wearing their frizzy hair, have offered a unique show of its kind to Parisians. A strong message of meaning was launched at a time when the Afro-descendants of France are searching for each other and the “Nappy” question is reviving passions. “I wanted to do it and I did it. Legendary! Revolutionary ! DO NOT TOUCH MY HAIR! “She said.

The perception of frizzy hair in the 21st century is a long process of denial on the part of those who do not have the same hair texture but also professionals or manufacturers of hair products.

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And still according to Murielle Kabile, this parade is: ” A simple wink to awaken consciences A parade that expresses how we feel when our identity is challenged daily .”

She also reminded how touching the hair is really problematic! hence the slogan “DO NOT TOUCH MY HAIR!:

T-shirts “DO NOT TOUCH MY HAIR!” Are available on the website https://muriellekabile.com/product/dont-touch-my-hair

Back in pictures on the fashion show: photo credits facebook page of Murielle Kabile.

Murielle Kabile hair designer

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