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GUINEA – SENEGAL : MAM’KO, the passion at the heart of Hip-Hop.


Trained at the School of Fine Arts in Senegal, MAM’KO, of Guinean origin, comes from a large Manding family called Cissoko in which songs and melodies can rock the children.

With a very special style, MAM’KO is very open to other forms of music and today he defines himself as a griot-singer-modern whose hip hop is sometimes his favorite style to express himself. His music, very original, from the Kora that marries the current melodies, a picturesque mix of African and Western influences.

Upon his arrival in France in 2004, he became interested in French music and was in collaboration with PPFC, Face à la Mer and Zazie Fournier. His texts, very instructive, are sung in various languages ​​such as Malinké, Soussou, Wolof, Pulaar and French.

Between 2006 and 2009, he was able to tour in France and Europe with the Manao group with French, Spanish and African influences. He has also played with great artists such as Vincent Ségal and Ballaké Cissoko and Kora Jazz Trio.

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He had to take part in the Zanzibar International Film Festival. Finally, in 2006, he is co-founder of the association “Korafoll’art” which aims to promote the Kora, he is director of its annual music festival “the kora in all its states.”

Finally in 2019, he just released his last clip “Abenima”.

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