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GABON: 60 years of independence: President Ali Bongo Ondimba addressed the nation

Président Ali Bongo Ondimba

For the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the country’s independence, President Ali Bongo Ondimba addressed the nation. Some excerpts from the speech:

Gabonese, Gabonese, My dear compatriots,

It is with emotion and awareness of the weight of history that I address you on this solemn day. 60 years. It has been 60 years since our beloved country, Gabon, gained international sovereignty in the concert of nations.

Today is an opportunity to remember. We remember our glorious predecessors; the Fathers of Independence; Presidents Léon Mba, Omar Bongo Ondimba and Rose Francine Rogombe; and all of our ancestors.

The Gabon we know, the Gabon in which we live. Its culture and values. Its knowledge and wealth. This Gabon, our Gabon to which we are all intimately linked, and which forms the framework of our community and our living together, they bequeathed it to us. Through their courage and sacrifice, we owe what we are to them.

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Today is also an opportunity to measure the progress made over the past sixty years. To look at the glass half full and not, as some would like, the glass half empty.

On the political level, despite the vicissitudes and events we are facing, Gabon remains united and united. Women have never been more involved in public life. They have never been more involved in breathing and evolving our society. Of course, we can differ on some major points. But this diversity of opinion is an asset for our country, given that the exchanges are sincere, that the real will is to build and not destroy, to improve and not degrade, or to evolve and not regress…

The rest of the speech in this video:


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