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GUINEA: Tense elections in a particular context.

Président Alpha Condé, ©page facebook

The legislative elections and the referendum were held this Sunday March 22, 2020 on the extent of the Guinean territory However, violence broke out in the country and disturbed a poll which, according to the opposition, aims to allow President Alpha Condé to find a path to a third term.

Voting took place from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. across the country. It is in this unprecedented global context, dominated by the exponential spread of the coronavirus, that Guinean citizens are called to vote in a legislative election coupled with a constitutional referendum.

These elections were marked by a wave of violence of all kinds in the country: attacks on polling stations, fires of electoral materials, clashes between police and opponents.

The African Union and ECOWAS have decided to withdraw from the process in this context of global health crisis. The Guinean opposition openly opposed the holding of polls, first because, for them, the current president Alpha wants to find a pretext to go towards a third mandate, and then because the Guinean citizens, residing in other countries will not be able to vote.


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