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LIGA – Special treatment for Muslim players by FC Barcelona

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The blessed month of Ramadan began on Tuesday, April 13, 2021 in many Muslim countries. The sports world must adapt to these 30 days during which fasters can neither eat nor drink from dawn to dusk. FC Barcelona, which has three Muslim players in its squad, has found a special and adapted diet. Miralem Pjanić, Ousmane Dembélé and Ilaix Moriba will be closely followed by nutritionist Toña Lizárraga to facilitate this period of fasting.

The Muslim players of FC Barcelona have nothing to worry about in this blessed month of Ramadan, a sacred month for Muslims around the world. Miralem Pjanić, Ousmane Dembélé and Ilaix Moriba will benefit from special treatment in order to combine the religious obligation with the requirements of their high level of sport. The three players will be able to eat liquid products as well as “halal” meat throughout the month.

The sporting world has not remained indifferent to this gesture, it finds a deep solidarity and respect for the faith of their Muslim players. In a world that has now become a global village, tolerance and respect are a guarantee of peace and harmony. This is a lesson from FC Barcelona that all clubs will no doubt learn and remember. 

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This is a tradition in this club. Ethical or religious differences are of little importance between Catalan football players. The former Malian international, Seydou Keita, who played at the Catalan club from 2008 to 2012, magnified this spirit of solidarity and respect for the principles of secularism. Everyone can practice his religion without being embarrassed in Catalonia. “In Barça, our cause for all of us is football and each one respects the convictions of the other.Personally, when I have the opportunity to pray at the stadium or during my travels, I do so without offending anyone.” , declared the Malian number 15 in 2012.


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