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MALI: Protesters demand IBK’s resignation

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Wind standing against the management of their country, hundreds of Malians gathered this Friday at the Bamako Independence Square for the departure of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta.

This symbolic place of the Malian capital was black of world. Invited by the Coordination of movements, associations and supporters of Imam Mahamoud Dicko (Cmas), Espoir Mali Koura (EMK) and the Front pour la Sauvegarde de la Démocratie (FSD), these citizens are calling for a new Mali.

At the end of the rally, these three organizations signed a final declaration in which they list the evils of the country, not without putting the public authorities before their responsibilities.

“Mali, once envied, listened to and respected both in Africa and throughout the world, is poised to become the laughing stock of other nations, as it is now tossed and humiliated, because of chaotic governance.”, immediately deplores the Gathering of the Patriotic Forces of Mali.

According to this body, the current management of the regime in place, symbol of the decrepitude of a decried state system, has ended up precipitating (Mali) into impasse. Worse, on the edge of the abyss».
According to these IBK contractors, “the Malian people discover every day, in a bewildering way, the scandals of risky management, devoid of vision and coherence with regard to the vital and strategic interests of Mali, in the denial of the fundamental values of our society.”

Before beating the pavement, the FSD, the Cmas and EMK held a meeting on Tuesday 26 May to reflect on the situation in Mali. Among other things, there is a catastrophic management of the multidimensional crisis in Mali; attacks on the sovereignty, the integrity of the national territory; widespread insecurity with its procession of dead, destroyed villages and displaced populations; misgovernance, corruption and financial mismanagement to the detriment of the peasant world and the private sector.”

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In addition, the Gathering of the Patriotic Forces of Mali deplores the abandonment of the armed and security forces; the unprecedented deterioration of basic social services such as education,health, electricity, water, road infrastructure; the growing pauperization of the working population; recurrent attacks on the values and principles of the Republic and the deadlock of an electoral way now mortgaged».

In the opinion of the three organizations, the IBK regime also violated constitutional, republican and democratic principles because it “exemplified itself by holding unfair, opaque and unfair elections, thereby removing any credibility from the electoral process.”

“Faced with the urgent need to save their Nation from a certain peril,” they appealed to all Malians from within and from the Diaspora for “a national burst”.

To this end, the Gathering of the Patriotic Forces of Mali listed, in its final declaration, ten measures essential to the recovery of the country.

These include the prioritisation of education and health; the guarantee of access to basic social services and infrastructure; the reconstruction of the armed and security forces, better recruited, better trained and better equipped, worthy of a state that protects its citizens and its institutions.

It is also the preservation of the territorial integrity of Mali, its unity, its secularism and the full exercise of its sovereignty throughout the national territory; a virtuous governance guaranteeing peace, security, justice and national reconciliation, as well as the restoration of trust between the State and the citizens and the implementation of all the actions necessary for the liberation of Soumaila Cissé, leader defile of the republican opposition, and of all the people kidnapped and unjustly deprived of their freedom.

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