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MAROCCO: The Outlaw movement organizes a digita sit against Article 490


The Outlaw Movement launched on Wednesday February 3, 2021, a digital sit-in in support of Hanaa, a young woman sentenced to one month in prison by the Tetouan court of first instance.

Hanaa was sentenced to one month in prison for having sex outside of marriage under article 490 of the Moroccan Penal Code. Although she has already served her sentence, the Outlaw movement has mobilized to support her by organizing a digital sit against Article 490.

Hanaa was arrested after a video of her, of a sexual nature, was posted online a few months ago. The verdict was delivered a few days later, on the basis of article 490 of the Criminal Code which criminalizes extramarital affairs. The young woman could be released this Wednesday if she decides to appeal her conviction.

“Hanaa is the mother of two children and lives in an extremely precarious situation. She was sexually exploited for pornographic purposes by the author of the video who decided, several years later, to broadcast it without her consent. Today, she is the one who finds herself in prison while the perpetrator of these offenses is at large, ”denounced the movement in a statement made public.

“Moroccan law is supposed to protect victims like Hanaa, and not punish them,” one indicates in said press release before adding that, in the same Penal Code, article 448-1 also criminalizes sexual exploitation for pornographic purposes, punishing its perpetrators with 5 to 10 years in prison. “Article 447-1, for its part, punishes the dissemination of private videos without the consent of the person concerned from 6 months to 3 years of imprisonment”, recalled Hors-la-loi.

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The movement therefore called for a digital sit-in, this Wednesday, under the hashtag of # STOP490 posted on a red background on social networks, this Wednesday from 9am. Beyond the support of Hanaa in his appeal procedure which aims to drop his conviction, he calls for the “pure and simple” repeal of article 490 in order to “put an end to the systematic sexism of public institutions and the patriarchal mentality ”.

Hanaa said on Wednesday, through her lawyer, that she will file a complaint against the sites which posted the video on the internet, and also against the man who filmed and broadcast the images without her consent. “Moroccan justice has issued a national arrest warrant against this man who turns out to be resident in the Netherlands, with whom Morocco has no judicial cooperation agreement. We must therefore file a complaint in the Netherlands. Bas “, declared his counsel Maître Ghizlane Mamouni, lawyer at the Paris bar.


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