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MOROCCO – Moroccan association wants justice for families driven out of Algeria in 1975


A Moroccan association campaigning for the rights of victims expelled from Algeria in 1975 launched an initiative to collect and archive the testimonies of the families who suffered these mass expulsions. This issue resurfaces as new diplomatic tensions between Morocco and Algeria take place.

The association of «victims of the arbitrary expulsion of Algeria» wishes to bring the international justice so that the victims are compensated. Algiers had at the time driven out nearly 45,000 Moroccan families legally residing in Algeria. It was against the background of a dispute over Western Sahara.

It all began on the eve of the feast of Eid al-Adha on December 18, 1975. Houari Boumediene was then in charge of Algeria and Abdelaziz Bouteflika was his right-hand man.

Nearly 45,000 Moroccan families living legally in Algeria were forced to leave the country by abandoning all their property, and many families have since separated between the two countries. 

This operation called the «black march» was decided in response to the «green march» launched that same year 1975 by King Hassan II. This march resulted in the departure of the Spanish from Western Sahara, which Rabat considers the “south of the Cherifian kingdom”, which marked a decisive turning point in the struggle for Western Sahara.

Since its creation in 2005, the Moroccan association has been seeking justice and reparation for these families. However, since the proceedings before the Algerian courts have never been successful, the association now plans to appeal to the international courts.

In the context of the current tension between Morocco and Algeria, Hamid al-Ati-Allah, president of this association, fears that Moroccans residing in Algeria will in turn be expelled.

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