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NIGERIA: “Crocodille Smile” anti-terrorist operation

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The Nigerian authorities have announced a comprehensive national counter-terrorism operation. This is a major military operation across the country. The aim is to combat insecurity, according to a statement issued by the army on Saturday 17 October 2020.

The fight against national insecurity has been a priority of President Muhammadu Buhari since his arrival at the head of the country.This exercise with the code name “Crocodille Smile” is part of the army’s efforts to eradicate insecurity. The operation targets all areas affected by this scourge. It includes cyber-warfare exercises against cybercrime.This involves identifying, tracking and countering negative propaganda in social networks and in cyberspace. The proliferation of false information on the internet and social networks is a threat taken very seriously by the Nigerian army. Since 2017, some digital platforms have been monitored. 

The exercise also includes an identification component with the sole ambition of locating Boko Haram terrorists who are fleeing to the northeast of the country and to other regions, including the north-central and northwest, due to ongoing operations. This dangerous secctes of Islamist claim, has already perpetrated many deadly attacks on civilian populations but also on military personnel.The other objective is to fight against terrorist propaganda through fake news broadcasted on the Internet. On 17 October, the General Staff again denied the death of 11 Nigerian soldiers, allegedly killed in an ambush by the jihadist sect Boko Haram.

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Operation Crocodille Smile is the first cyber warfare or cyber warfare exercise to be conducted by the National Army in the history of the African Armed Forces. This is the fourth time the Nigerian army has launched this operation. It began on October 20 and will end on December 31, 2020.


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