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SENEGAL: “An angel in the mouth of the crocodile”, a trial by the Senegalese society by Samba Diamanka

Samba Diamanka

The young Senegalese author Samba Diamanka has just published on 1 December 2020 his first novel “Un ange dans la gueule du crocodile”. The book takes a very critical look at Senegalese society wallowing in its flaws and vices. A call for introspection and an invitation to remain determined in achieving its objectives.

Samba Diamanka, 29, released “Un ange dans la gueule du crocodile” in December 2020, published by Artige. A book of 138 pages prefaced by Badara Jallo, Senegalese writer-teacher and columnist, author of the Grand Roi Audit or Le Parcours d’un mandat spécial.For those who want to read differently the commitment of Aimé Césaire, savour the verve in profusion of Daniel Biyaoula, the finesse of Alain Mabanckou’s style and discover the literary rise of a young writer who has all the weapons and all the charms in his gibecière, An angel in the mouth of the crocodile is absolutely to consult,” he wrote.

“An angel in the mouth of the crocodile” by Samba Diamanka

“An angel in the mouth of the crocodile” tells the story of an orphan girl named Kilondine who, despite all the suffering she has endured in Wélahala, her aunt, manages so much to realize the dream of her late mother who is also her own, that of becoming a lawyer to defend truth and justice in a country where falsehood, hypocrisy and injustice constitute the daily life of men. In this work as well, the author discusses some of the shortcomings of Galsenaise society (Senegalese, ed.) such as wickedness, deceit, the immoderate quest for money, neglect, etc. He also, in this novel, the trial of certain high-ranking officials of the State who dangerously violate the ethical rules of their profession to satisfy their disproportionate needs.

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“An angel in the mouth of the crocodile” is also an invitation to never give up regardless of the difficult conditions in which one finds oneself because life is complicated in itself.

Samba Diamanka was born in March 1992 in Saré Habibou, a small town in the department of Medina Yéro Foulah in the region of Kolda.It is in this village that he made his first humanities before joining Kolda where he first gets the BFEM and then the BAC. In November 2013, he joined the Gaston Berger University of Saint-Louis, precisely the French Section. Passionate about writing, Samba Diamanka started writing very early. Her first writings date from 2010. In fact, writing remains his first passion after reading. He also periodically writes texts and articles that he sometimes publishes on social networks.

Samba Diamanka is currently a French teacher. He teaches at Madina Wandifa High School. “An angel in the mouth of the crocodile” is his first novel.

Samba Diamanka

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