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SENEGAL: Arrest of people who participated in the killings in Casamance.

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Fourteen men who went to seek wood in the protected forest of Bayotte, in Casamance (southern Senegal), were assembled and then killed coldly by armed men on January 6, 2018. The officials of the investigation that followed announce the arrest of the man who planned the massacre and 15 people who took part. They are among the 24 suspects currently detained.

According to Colonel Issa Diack, head of the research section of the gendarmerie, the investigation concluded “direct involvement of those arrested.” Sixteen people, including a local journalist, author of several books on the rebellion in Casamance, were charged on 19 January with criminal conspiracy, assassination, participation in an insurrectional movement, possession of weapons without authorization, deliberate assault and battery. flight in meeting. Then eight more last weekend.

According to Ziguinchor prosecutor Alioune Abdoulaye Sylla, the killings came a week after the release of “four individuals” from village forest committees who had been imprisoned in Ziguinchor for one month after complaints by “two loggers”. for assault and battery.

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Another thing, one of the MFDC’s historic military leaders, Salif Sadio, ruled out any involvement in the killing, but the rebellion is divided into rival factions, and his is mainly present in northern Casamance, bordering on The Gambia, then that the killing occurred in the south, bordering Guinea-Bissau.


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