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SENEGAL: Case of Assane Diouf: The beautiful victory of the little dullard of Sandaga on the enarques of Macky Sall.

L'activiste Assane Diouf.

Considered a madman, a drug addict for some, a hero for others, the Senegalese, Assane Diouf, leaves no one indifferent. The man who caused many sleepless nights to the Senegalese President is currently in detention in the Usa. And his enemies who quickly made a cry of victory do not seem to measure the immense service they rendered to Assane Diouf. Analysis of a situation not so unusual as that.  

The founder of Doméram TV is currently deprived of freedom, confronted with the fact that he has been, for several years now, in the midst of his insanities against the head of state of Senegal and some of the showbiz barons , With the roller of the American laws which deny him all the right to regularization; Despite his years of residence and his usefulness to the economy of the country of Uncle Sam. Qualified by himself as a madman, the spokesman of the disappointed Macky Sall regime, Assane Diouf, is off, his chain Youtube closed and its bank accounts blocked by the administration.

This temporary “neutralization” would, according to the rabid Senegalese, be linked to a denunciation made by the authorities of his country to the US federal office. And to believe Assane Diouf, like his supporters, he would be accused of terrorism. A charge taken seriously enough for the FBI to send no fewer than 25 people to pick it. As I wrote in a previous forum, if the Assane Diouf case was born of a denunciation for “terrorism”, which I doubt very much, its development does not include any terrorist character.

An illegal dismissed of any recourse 

Assane Diouf is a Senegalese citizen fraudulently entered the Usa. It has for several years been confronted with a problem that all Senegalese, from abroad, experienced one day: regularization. It so happens that Assane Diouf has exhausted all legal channels of recourse and has been confronted with the harsh reality: he is struck by an imminent measure of deportation to the border. Nothing could prevent him from being repatriated.

In his case, if he had found himself in a criminal case, any police officer could have sent Assane Diouf in the first plane to Dakar; Since a final decision of justice had been rendered against him.

This is the reality of Assane Diouf before he became the hero of a good part of the population who, not at all shocked by his invectives, sees, in this madman madman, the designated avenger who had to say what they do Could not name and distribute Doméram’s satisfactions – whores of a bitch – to whom he likes.

If subjective reasons for the radicalization of Assane Diouf escape my analysis, for objective ones, it should be noted that the one that “Bouba Ndour considered a nullard” is more intelligent than one can imagine. Assane Diouf, in her quest for America, had exhausted all remedies.

Assane Diouf was in the anti-room of the expelled  

And in his case, he had to be repatriated to Senegal at any time. To obtain a reprieve or even dispose of the Green Card and stay in the Usa, he needed a new fact that would oblige the American judges to reopen his file. And to judge him in the light of this new fact. The new fact, in law, is crucial information that would not be available to the court at the time of the last judgment.

It happens that the Usa who did not want Assane Diouf on their territory, like all the West, besides, are signatories of the Geneva Convention of July 28, 1951. And this fundamental law, ratified in 1968 by the Usa , Which requires States to protect the integrity of the human person, states that “in the face of persecution, everyone has the right to seek asylum and to benefit from asylum in other countries.”

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Before attacking President Macky Sall and his privileged circle, “Sandaga’s little dullard” was just an illegal one like anywhere in the streets of New York, Paris, Rome or Barcelona. With this new status of public enemy n° 1, graciously offered to him by the regime, he became a leader of opinion; Even if the mode of expression of this opinion is repugnant. And it caused the anger of the first of the Senegalese and accentuated the threats against its author. This is what Assane Diouf needed, to regularize her administrative situation in the country of Uncle Sam.
The Amy Collé Dieng case as evidence of democratic setback

With the Amy Collé Dieng affair, men of justice as well as the international community were astounded to see all this judicial machine that was set in motion to go and pick up that bit of woman who had simply expressed an opinion within a framework private. The use of the very special Division of Criminal Investigations against a citizen who committed only an offense of offending the Head of State removed all credit of democratic country in Senegal during the reign of Macky Sall.

This excessive demonstration of the police force against a woman whom all knew unstable, the traumatic threats of the prosecutor against those who would refuse to sing the praises of the reigning prince like the terrifying confessions of Moustapha Diakhaté and Seydou Guèye ended up throwing disgust on a justice already discredited. And this did not escape the Americans who, it should be remembered, have an embassy in Dakar. And transmit, in real time, everything that is said and done in Senegal.

The FBI and the American judges, who will receive the patron of Doméram TV, know well what is waiting for Assane Diouf if he set foot in Senegal while Macky Sall is still in power. And in his case, no judge, in any state of law, can take the risk of driving Assane Diouf to his Senegalese executioners. He will never be extradited. Those who have promised to offer tanebeers, on the landing of Assane Diouf on the tarmac of the airport of Dakar, can go and put away their sabars.

Sidiki Kaba, best lawyer for Assane Diouf

The only employee of Doméram TV realized his American dream: he will benefit, after the detention, of his right of asylum. The only reason that could prevent him from being granted political refugee status would be that he be “prosecuted genuinely for a common crime or for acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.” This is not the case with Assane Diouf.

He has not committed any crime in Senegal-where no complaint has been filed against him in the Usa. And the offense to the Head of State, which the regime wants to stick, is a liberticidal law; Prohibited throughout the states de droit.

Today, it is enough for Assane Diouf to face a judge and give him all the evidence of his status as “plagued in Senegal”, to hand him the newspaper clippings on the tracking organized against Amy Collé Dieng, Penda Ba, the Reiterated threats of the Prosecutor, the humiliating confessions of Seydou Guèye, those of Moustapha Diakhaté as the unfortunate exits of Sidiki Kaba, the Minister of Justice, and the tricks are played. It’s that simple. Finally, Assane Diouf is not as nullard as Bouba Ndour wanted us to believe. Sama gayii, sama gayii, shared article bi! -Prepare to widely disseminate the article.

By Babacar Touré / Journalist-writer, editor of kewoulo.info


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