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SENEGAL: The police corrected the shot.


Since yesterday, publications on the alleged dismissal of the Senegalese contingent party to the Darfur front due to lack of resources have been relayed by the press, the police decided to make a correction in a statement.

“Contrary to some information in the press that the return to Senegal of the contingent (Sen Fpu 2), previously deployed in Darfur, was motivated by a lack of resources, the National Police wishes to make it clear that this is the Resulting from the UN decision, which has begun a downsizing process in Darfur”, the document said.

Police communication services headed by Commissioner Oumar Maal also wished to make clear that Senegal is not the only one affected by this measure because this process, called Downsizing, also involves the infantry battalions from Burkina Faso , Pakistan, Nigeria and Bangladesh who are all “asked to return to their country”.

A document from the United Nations accompanied the statement of the police to confirm this decision to withdraw the djambars from this conflict zone western Sudan.


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