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SENEGAL: Celebration of the International Day of the Fight against HIV AIDS


Senegal celebrated, this December 1, 2020, the World Day against HIV / AIDS under the theme: “Global solidarity and shared responsibility”. The ceremony took place at the Renaissance Monument in the presence of the Minister of Youth, Néné Fatoumata Tall, the Director of Health, Dr Marie Khémess Ngom Ndiaye and the Executive Secretary of the National Council for the Fight against AIDS (CNLS), Dr Safiatou Thiam.

The world day of fight against HIV AIDS was celebrated as every year in the country. For Dr Ndiaye, “this symbolic day is the framework for demonstrations of support for people living with the HIV virus. In 2020, the pandemic linked to the new coronavirus and its repercussions have monopolized the attention of the whole world, like the HIV epidemic “, underlined the Director of Health who indicates:” almost all health programs have been strongly negatively impacted, in particular by questioning the significant progress made in recent years “, she said. declared.
The Minister of Youth believes that the objective of this day “is to amplify and complement active initiatives for and with young adolescents”. For her, it is necessary to “maximize investments in favor of adolescent sexual and reproductive health, the fight against STIs / HIV / AIDS”. Based on the last continuous health demographic survey carried out in 2017, the Minister recalled that the prevalence of HIV among young girls aged 20 to 24 is 0.5% against 0.2% among young boys. In addition, 15-24 year olds account for more than a quarter of new infections. “To reduce the number of new HIV infections among young people, achieve the broader goals of equality set by the SDGs, and reverse the epidemic, HIV prevention and treatment efforts must be tailored to specific needs of young people and the most vulnerable, ”she suggested.

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In Senegal, the HIV prevalence rate is 0.5% in the general population. A rate that remains quite low. However, the epidemic is concentrated around key populations, such as drug users. Five percent of them are infected with HIV. To screen as many people as possible and avoid new infections, health authorities rely on self-tests, which can be done in complete discretion for these marginalized people and their entourage.


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