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SENEGAL: First Lady Marième Faye Sall explains the origin of the funds of the foundation “Serve Senegal”


During an interview on national television, the Senegalese First Lady explained the financing mechanisms of her foundation “Serve Senegal”. Marième Faye Sall also warned against scammers who use her name on networks to gouge honest citizens.

Marième Faye Sall, known for her discretion and simplicity, has accepted, for the first time since her husband came to power, to reveal herself to the Senegalese. An opportunity for her to enlighten her fellow citizens on the origin of the funds of the foundation she directs. “I never wanted to have a foundation because of all the talk and the problems that foundations face. I wanted to continue the social works that I was doing without setting up a foundation,” she explained, saying that she does not want the foundation’s actions to be publicized.

On the financing of «Serve Senegal», the First Lady stresses that it is the head of State who is the main donor of the foundation. However, according to her, there are good wills who make donations. “We are a little afraid of donations from abroad. We avoid them as much as possible. The majority of the donations we receive come from businessmen who are based in Senegal,” she says. Marième Faye Sall says that the foundation is currently more focused on treating the sick.

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On another register, she wanted to warn about the existence of accounts created in her name on networks, some of which are intended to scam people. “I’m not on Facebook, I’m not in those things. I thank those who created these accounts in my name, but I ask everyone to delete them. Let everyone know that I’m not on Facebook, I’m not tweeting, I’m not in it,” said Marième Faye Sall. Moreover, she points out, it is to avoid influence peddling that the foundation favors those who seize it directly rather than those who address the First Lady via intermediaries. “That’s why these Internet scam stories hurt me,” she added.


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