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SENEGAL – “I will always be at your side” President Macky Sall says to youth

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The Head of State Macky Sall reiterated his commitments in favor of young people this Thursday, January 22, 2021 on the sidelines of the Presidential Council for the Insertion of Youth Employment at the International Conference Center Abdou Diouf de Diamniadio. “I will always be at your side in the search for solutions to your problems”, it is the words of the President of the Republic, which express a firm desire to solve the problem of endemic youth unemployment.Aware that the issue of employment cannot be settled in one fell swoop, the President hopes to start implementing his commitments by recruiting 65,000 young people at the end of April.

As promised during his address to the nation on 4 April 2021, the Senegalese Head of State Macky Sall took part in the Presidential Council for the Integration of Youth Employment this Thursday, 22 April in Diamniadio, located in the department of Rufisque not far from Dakar, the Senegalese capital. The President understands young people’s concern about their future in Senegal. He now intends to offer them a favourable environment through which they can earn a decent living with the support and support of the Senegalese government. “This presidential council is yours. We have experienced what you are currently experiencing, I know your doubts, your expectations, your aspirations and your ambitions to be useful to your families. But know that the fight against youth unemployment is a long-term battle that cannot be won in a day.”, he explained to his speech.

Macky Sall reached out to the private sector in this difficult task that required the union of the nation’s vital forces. The state alone cannot solve the problem of youth employment definitively and in one day, most of which are in the informal sector. I can assure you that we are willing to work hand in hand with the private sector to support young people,’ added the Senegalese President. 

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The Head of State is therefore determined to his priorities, the objective of which is to support the young people who were massively out in the streets from 4 to 8 March 2021 to demand better living conditions. With the restrictive measures taken to curb the spread of the coronavirus, many activities were halted in sectors such as crafts, tourism, trade or sport. According to Macky Sall, the next three years will be entirely dedicated to youth, which represents 65% of the population. “The state will not abandon you. I will always be at your side in search of solutions and we assure you of our voluntary commitment until the planned efforts can bear fruit.” , he reassures.

Moreover, as of May, the recruitment of 65,000 young people will start across the national territory for a budget estimated at 80 billion FCFA. These jobs concern the education, reforestation, reforestation, public health, safety, road maintenance and paving of cities. Teachers will have a quota of 5000 staff in preschool, elementary and secondary schools.

The Senegalese President closed his remarks by inviting the population to citizenship and respect republican values, which are a guarantee of lasting peace. “These values, I hope that each one of us will turn them into his own in order to develop the trait of character that drives the positive transformations of our country”, he concludes.


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