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SENEGAL – “It won’t happen again,” Sall says to protesters

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The Senegalese head of state, Macky Sall, remains adamant. He spoke about the demonstrations that broke out in early March 2021 following the arrest of the leader of Pastef-Les Patriotes Ousmane Sonko. On the occasion of the Presidential Council for Youth Integration and Employment, on Thursday 22 April 2021 at the Abdou Diouf de Diamniadio International Conference Centre, the president remained firm towards the demonstrators “This will not happen again,” he said in a threatening tone.

The President of the Republic, Macky Sall, still does not digest the extent of the demonstrations from March 4 to 8, 2021 and the surprise effect this caused at the highest level of the state. He openly threatened the rioters on the occasion of the Presidential Council for Youth Integration and Employment. The Head of State deemed the ransacking, plundering of Total stations, Auchan shops and the attack on the homes of people belonging to the power abnormal.”There are countries where a normal citizen would not think for a second about attacking a gendarmerie where weapons are stored, attacking courts or burning people’s homes for free. If Senegal were not a great democracy, believe me, the record would have been catastrophic. It is not possible in a country to wake up and destroy everything without consequences. Even as democrats, there are limits that everyone must respect,’ the Senegalese president said in his speech.

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The speech of President Macky Sall:

The Senegalese president thus issued a warning to future rioters by promising to restore the supreme authority of the state.There will be no tolerance, those who dare to challenge the defence and security forces will be severely punished. “Let it be known that it will not happen again. It would be a serious mistake to think that, in the face of this situation, the State is weak,‘ he reminded party officials.

Recall that the riots in question broke out following the arrest of the deputy and opponent Ousmane Sonko on March 4, 2021. The latter, who came third in the last presidential election in 2019, is accused of rape and death threats by a masseuse named Adji Sarr. His arrest and subsequent detention at the Dakar Research Section had plunged the country into a series of violent demonstrations that resulted in the death of 14 people, more than 500 wounded and hundreds of arrests. He was released four days later and has since been placed under judicial review.


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