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SENEGAL – Macky Sall puts an end: now officials will repair their vehicles themselves, buy fuel, insurance

President Macky Sall ©Gouvernment du Senegal

This is a case that risks making noise in these lean times. Since March 1, some state officials have been receiving monthly lump-sum allowances for the acquisition and management of their company f-car. And the amounts vary between 700,000 F Cfa net of import for the better off, to 150,000 F Cfa per month for the less endowed. Indeed, by the implementing decree n ° 2021-05, the measure taken by the Head of State by the decree n ° 2021-03 of January 6 came into force.

On January 6, the head of state signed a decree granting monthly lump sums to certain staff of the state and its branches. A decree that is part of the reform of the state fleet management system. A reform that involves the full disengagement of the State in the process of acquiring and managing administrative vehicles. Instead, it allocates a global lump sum compensation to beneficiaries. And it is not the latter who will complain. Indeed, the amounts collected and net of any tax are significant.

700,000 F Cfa per month for the Secretaries General of the Government and 650,000 F Cfa for the Directors General. The Deputy Secretaries General of the government win the cup, with a monthly allowance of 700,000 F Cfa, or 8.4 million F Cfa per month. The secretaries general of ministries, the directors of ministers’ offices receive 650,000 CFA francs per month, or 7.8 million per year. As for the directors general of ministries, directors general or directors of public establishments, national companies, similar and similar public agencies and bodies, independent administrative authorities, they will receive 600,000 CFA francs per month, i.e. 7.2 million per month. year.

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500,000 F Cfa per month for PCAs and senior executives of the Supreme Court and the Cour des Comptes …
The presidents of the deliberative organs of these aforementioned structures perceive them, 500 000 F Cfa monthly, that is to say 6 million per year. The same amount is granted to the First Advocate General, the Secretary General of the Supreme Court, the Presidents of Sections of the Supreme Court, the First Advocate General of the Cour des Comptes, the Secretary General of the Cour des Comptes, the Secretary General and to the presidents of chambers of the Court of Appeal, to the presidents of chambers of the Cour des comptes, to the presidents and prosecutors of the courts of first instance and instance, to the dean of the investigating judges, and to the Advisor to the Secretary General of the government.

The directors and head of service with national competence receive 400,000 F CFA or 4.8 million per year, while the secretary general of the mediation and the general secretaries of public establishments and national companies, national agencies or similar establishments receive 300,000 F Cfa is 3.6 million per year. The directors of regional development agencies, the secretaries-general of the departments, the secretaries-general of the commune and administrative centers ‡ of the departments receive 250,000 F Cfa, or 3 million per year and the municipal secretaries, who are less endowed, have 150,000 F Cfa or 1.8 million per year.

Source : Jotaay.net / By Mbaye Thiandoum – Les Echos


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