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SENEGAL – One Lyrical, Leyna and Bass; a trio that pushes the boundaries of Galsen rap


Dozéko, the new single of the Senegalese trio (One Lyrical, Leyna and Bass Thioung), is a hit. Available on streaming platforms since Saturday, July 2, 2022, the clip is a success. On Youtube, the video has already been viewed more than a million times. A lunar single that redefines the contours of Galsen rap. The fans are thrilled.

Three young people. A lady and two guys. They’re all Senegalese. They’re singers. They’re the great voices of Senegalese music. Don’t think they’re doing mbalax. Specifically, they’re doing Galsen rap. Everybody has a career and they’re already doing great solo. Hadji Dame Dieng, aka One Lyrical, debuted in 2013 with the band Black Under. Too cramped, he now sails alone. Or almost. For a long time, he has been pairing with his partner Leyna. Bass Thioung is an ambiancer adored by the feminine gente. He released a single “Sangsé Validé”. A song that works great. On this single, the trio decides to go together.

Dozéko: a crazy art project
Rap is a music that focuses on individual performance. It’s a universe where everyone wants to impose themselves. Also, bringing together three seasoned cadors of Senegalese rap on a single denotes a certain interpersonal. In this collab, we notice a real complicity between these three young people. Each, in the seconds given to him, gives the extent of his talent. So that in the end, we achieve a real musical prowess. After listening to this single and seeing the video, a mixture of time sprinkled with a few zests of mbalax, we come to a conclusion: the three rappers are really good. This divinely rhythmic song takes us from the first notes. The flowing voice of Leyna that strikes in the heart and the ease of the two chatters (One Lyrical and Bass Thioung) to put their flow with their determined voices, without effect, on this dancing sound gives consistency to the song.

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A golden clip and varnish of a hell of a musicality
Start of the clip. A magnificent aerial view. Sumptuous villas with flowery storefronts. Luxury cars. Gold watches. Designer glasses. Trendy young people. A subdued, uncluttered light. A golden rule: to appear. We’re not in Manhattan, just in Dakar. It is the high class, chic but relaxed. The bling-bling par excellence. For this clip, the trio excels in various registers: pop, RnB, afrobeat. Highly coloured painting. A fire decor. Bling-bling with Senegalese sauce. A luxurious scenography: the colors are magnificent, and what a joy for our ears to hear this trio without the distorting filter of the voice that most rappers love.

One Lyrical & Leyna – Dozéko Feat Bass Thioung

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