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SENEGAL: PASTEF seeks more than 2 billion before the 2024 deadlines.

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The leader of Pastef, “The Patriots”, Ousmane Sonko aims to find with his activists, a savings of 2 billion 500 million FCfa before the next presidential elections scheduled for 2024. The initiative is aimed at properly preparing the next ballot. One quota is reserved for the diaspora and another for the different regions of the country, distributed according to the electoral weight.

Pastef’s leader, “The Patriots”, Ousmane Sonko wants to take the upcoming presidential elections very seriously. The communal sections, cell coordinators and activists of the Pastef party, “Les Patriotes” had a meeting this Saturday, December 21, 2019 in Mbour. Many questions were asked, but the most important was the need to find the necessary funds to fight a solid campaign and attract the voice of Senegalese. The objective is to find 2 billion 500 million FCFA before 2024.

Thus, the department of Mbour will have to try to find 1,650 donors, due to 50,000 FCfa which will be distributed in the 16 municipalities. Then, the other problem posed concerns the financing of activities such as the rental of the seat, the payment of water and electricity bills, the travel of the president, among others.

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Each departmental coordination must contribute FCFA 20,000 / month for savings. Each communal section 15,000 FCfa / month. And, for the functioning of the party, each departmental section will contribute 10,000 FCfa / month, each communal section 5,000 FCfa / month. The same is true for each member of the cadre movement. Each will contribute 10,000 FCfa / month and the teachers will pay 12,000 FCfa a year.

PASTEF intends to celebrate the anniversary of the party on January 04, 2020, and for the success of the event, each departmental section will have a participation of 30,000 FCfa. Each Commune will contribute up to 20,000 FCfa for the organization of the meeting.

Pastef also wants the establishment of municipal section offices as soon as possible, for areas that are slow to do so.


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