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SENEGAL: Petro-Tim Affair and Aliou Sall brother of the President. New revelations…


This could go unnoticed if the accusations of the British channel BBC had not raised questions about the company AGRITRANS, a company that was closely linked to the management of the country’s oil resources, whose owner is Aliou Sall, the small President’s brother the Republic Macky Sall.

Thunderclap! We now know the person who managed this company during transactions between BP (British Protolum) and the businessman Franck Timis, this person who is none other than Abdoulaye Timbo, the paternal uncle of Aliou Sall. He is currently mayor of the city of Pikine, the great suburb of the capital of Dakar.

Indeed, according to the investigations that the British journalist Mayeni Jones through its survey program “Africa Eyes” entitled “A corruption of 10 trillion”, the Senegalese population discovers through this report the nebulous and disturbing management that involves the trio Aliou Sall, Franck Timis and the British company BP. According to the English channel, the way to manage the natural resources discovered in Senegal, namely oil and gas, is made under a background of corruption

Following a prime broadcast of this program that incriminates the little brother of the president, the latter goes up to the crenel, a press conference is immediately organized. Aliou Sall sweeps aside all the allegations of the channel. He categorically refuses to acknowledge that the company BP had paid him $ 250,000 or 148 million CFA for the company AGRITRANS, sum that was to be the base for the State of Senegal.

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However, everything is complicated for Aliou Sall at the time when El Hadji Hamidou Kasse now ex spokesman of the President of the Republic persists and signs on the TV5 antennas that the said sum was actually paid to the company AGRITRANS for a consultancy mission agricultural. Paradoxically, he will be fired a few days later by President Macky Sall.

In reality, these new revelations were given by the platform “Aar li ñu bokk” through a press conference on July 12, 2019. This platform, which partly fights against corruption, aims to ensure the proper management of our public funds but especially to clarify and demand transparency in all cases related to oil and gas contracts in Senegal.

Therefore, the call to witness launched by the Serigne Bassirou Guèye public prosecutor, very controversial indeed, leaves a gap to some personalities involved in this scandal unique in the socio-political history of the country whose Pikine who has since died, substantially ignoring his involvement in this case. So business to follow, wait and see …


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