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SENEGAL – President Macky responsible for third wave of covid-19 according to DRC


The Congress of the Democratic Renaissance (CRD) met this Thursday, July 15, 2021 to give its position on the third wave of covid19. The DRC, composed essentially of opposition leaders, did not miss President Macky, whom he accuses as being the only one responsible for this third wave. They denounced the demonstrations organized by the ruling party in certain localities in Senegal.

The leaders of the Congress of the Democratic Renaissance (CDR) rose to the occasion to criticize the behavior of the President of the Republic Macky Sall on his management of covid-19 this Thursday, July 15 in Dakar the capital. According to them, the President of the Republic is “responsible for the third wave of covid19 in Senegal”.These leaders say they are saddened to see President Macky Sall organizing demonstrations in the middle of a health crisis without respecting the barriers. For the CRD all the sacrifices of the Senegalese people to avoid a possible third wave of covid19 were annihilated by the government of Macky Sall for political reasons. 

According to the CRD “Everyone in Senegal has seen that despite a failing health system and a disastrous health policy, women and men in the country’s health facilities, both public and private, have undertaken everything, some at risk of their lives and those of their families and loved ones to contain the Covid 19 pandemic, to the point of reducing prevalence to its simplest expression.” 

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The CRD continues in its declaration and returns to the burden: “Unfortunately all their efforts and sacrifices have been destroyed in a few days by the political propensity of a totally irresponsible President of the Republic who thought he could take advantage of such a lull to move mechanical crowds across the country, many people graciously joined it, to claim lost popularity in the eyes of national and international opinion. There is no doubt that, through totally irresponsible behaviour, Macky Sall is the main cause and the main cause of the third wave of the Covid-19 outbreak, which broke all records of contamination and no longer spares any region, This is the result of the mega-demonstrations he organised in the north, south and centre of the country, bringing in from everywhere unfortunate populations, since they are desolate and impoverished by the miseries of his various public policies”.

Finally, the Congress of the Democratic Renaissance launched a solemn appeal to Senegalese citizens to respect the barriers imposed by the health authorities to defeat the coronavirus. 

It should be noted that Senegal has already recorded more than 50,000 positive cases, more than 43,000 have been cured and 1,214 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.


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