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SENEGAL: Senegalese diaspora ready to serve its nation.


A Beninese adage says “Everything that belongs to the house must return to the House” Senegalese and Senegalese are really aware of it. We are available and willing to go and serve our country, which is our common heritage.

It is encouraging to know that in the Senegalese diaspora there are women, men with skills and talents with a very Catholic will ready to leave their comfort in the developed countries to make themselves available to their nation.

And since 2014, the Senegalese Government has also started to pay unprecedented attention to talent development. Particularly noteworthy is the launch of several National Talent Development Programs, which form the cornerstone of President Macky’s efforts to address issues related to the development of new talent and help maintain the locomotive of growth from the country. These programs are part of the Emerging Senegal Project (PSE) and aim to strengthen the economic and social development of the nation in the years to come.

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The new Senegalese strategy on the policy of returning talents to the country is based on the fact that Senegalese and Senegalese returning to Senegal will play a crucial role in the take-off and development of the country. They will contribute to its development, particularly in the fields of education, science, culture, health and agriculture. Most of them have kept abreast of developments on the international scene and have been very innovative. Their work will improve the status of Senegalese academics.

The thing not to do is that the president and his entourage to avoid politicizing this strategy with regard to the return and installation of the Diaspora a country so as not to extinguish this fire of courage that burns in the hearts of these young Senegalese living abroad.

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