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SENEGAL – The opposition coalition Yewwi Askan Wi renounces the demonstration of 29 June but does not abandon the struggle


For some time now, the Senegalese political atmosphere has been marred by intense tensions. The opposition led by Ousmane Sonko has been very angry against the power of Dakar since the invalidation of one of its lists in the general elections of 31 July 2022. On June 21, a demonstration by the opposition banned by the Senegalese authorities led to clashes, causing three deaths in the ranks of supporters of Ousmane Sonko and the Yewwi Askan Wi coalition. The opponent’s home had been surrounded by arrested security forces and officials of his political party. Determined to protest against this invalidation which it considers as an injustice, the opposition had planned a new demonstration this Friday, July 29.

” On the 29th, with or without permission, we will organize our demonstration on the national territory. If Macky Sall wants to stop it, let him be ready to arrest us or liquidate us,” said Sonko.

Finally, this dreaded demonstration will not take place. The opposition with the voice of Ousmane Sonko announced that it would no longer take place to remain attentive to the people and not to disturb the calendar of the year-end reviews. But Yewwi Askan Wi does not give up the fight. In a press conference organized on June 29 in Dakar by the leaders of this political party, new protest actions were announced. The president of Patriotes du Sénégal pour l’Éthique et la Fraternité ( PASTEF), Ousmane Sonko, a member of the coalition, announced a second concert of casseroles scheduled for tomorrow Thursday, June 30, 2022. We planned to do it on Friday but we will do it tomorrow at 8 pm. Let everyone take part,’ he told the press.

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The Senegalese opposition is therefore determined to fight with the power of Dakar. Even if it intends to observe a moment of respite until July 10, 2022, the date of the launch of the electoral campaign for the general elections on July 30, the opposition calls on its militants to mobilize for future battles.

“The fight will indeed take place if Macky Sall does not back down in his desire to run for a third term,” warned Ousmane Sonko.

The weather is therefore forecast to be stormy in the Senegalese political arena. In view of all the tensions raised by the invalidation of an opposition list, President Macky Sall would not win-Does it not have to appease the situation by taking special measures to allow all political forces to participate in these legislative elections? It would be sufficient to give the possibility to all parties affected by the invalidation of the constitutional court to retouch the lists in question. Everyone would win. Senegal would be better off!


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