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G7 SUMMIT – The meaning of the African presence in Germany


The leaders of the G7 countries (United States, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Canada, Japan) have been meeting since Monday, June 26, 2022 in the luxurious Schloss Elmau hotel in Germany. This annual summit, which will last three days, is exceptionally marked by the presence of two African countries: Senegal and South Africa. In an international context marked by many issues, including the Ukrainian crisis, one might well wonder what meaning to give to this wink made to the black continent.

The presence of these two African countries at the G7 summit is highly strategic and economic.

The international organization is keen to get closer to sub-Saharan Africa, which is increasingly being won over by Chinese expansion. China, through its new programme called ‘The New Silk Roads’, has undertaken many investments in developing countries. Chinese influence is growing in these countries. The G7 bloc therefore intends to counter this breakthrough in this part of the world. The United States wants to get the rest of the group to adopt a program to mobilize the paltry $600 billion by 2027. The programme, known as the ‘Global Partnership for Infrastructure’, is designed to provide investment assistance to developing countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. The Westerners have no shortage of grievances against the Chinese offensive, which they consider not to be respectful of ethics, social and environmental principles and norms of competition. With this contribution that the G7 wants more wrapped in social values, it is also a matter of getting closer to the African countries in the tug of war that opposes it to Russia. The abstention observed by some African countries during the vote on the Russian condemnation in the Ukrainian crisis has surely accelerated the approach of the industrialized countries of the Western camp. It is therefore necessary to isolate Russia and its Chinese ally as much as possible to see the sanctions against Putin affect it. Will this offensive be effective in countering the Chinese presence in Africa? Not so sure! The Chinese presence is strong and growing.

In addition, the G7 intends to find reliable alternatives to overcome its dependence on Russian gas. In this regard, Senegal’s contribution is very interesting for him because it has large gas reserves. The exploitation of these resources could be very useful to these industrialized countries.

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As we can see, the presence of African countries at the G7 summit is not at all philanthropic. Big issues surround it!


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