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SENEGAL: Thione Seck relaxed!

Thione Ballago Seck

The famous Senegalese singer and vocal lead of Raam Daan, Thione Ballago Seck, was released this Thursday, May 23, 2019 by the judge of instruction in Dakar, the Senegalese capital. The procedure for currency holdings, attempted fraud, criminal conspiracy and money laundering has been canceled.

Singer Thione Ballago Seck was indicted on 2 June 2015 after a search of her home. During this descent, the gendarmes had discovered a whole industry of counterfeit money with a sum of 32,5 billion FCFA in cuts of counterfeit notes.

After being heard by the research brigade, he was granted temporary release since 12 February 2016.

He has just been released by Judge Maguette Diop. The latter considers that the mis en cause was not assisted by a lawyer as soon as he was arrested.

This relaxation cancels, therefore, the whole procedure. The judge by this action, decides not to follow the Prosecutor who for his part, had required two years of prison of which 8 months firm.

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