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SEYCHELLES: Start of the vaccination against the coronavirus

Wavel Ramkalawan Crédit Photo : Bill Darjo

The Seychelles archipelago began vaccination against the coronavirus on Sunday 10th January. President Wavel Ramkalawan was the first to be vaccinated, followed by several personalities from the country.

Seychelles started the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 on Sunday, becoming the first country to vaccinate its population in Africa. It was the President of the Republic who made the launch by getting vaccinated first at the Victoria Hospital. A session broadcast live on television and radio stations across the country. “I am 57 years old and have already received many vaccines. It is just like getting any vaccine. I encourage all Seychellois to take their vaccine to prevent us from this disease ”, declared the Head of State Wavel Ramkalawan. About 80 people, including the First Lady, former head of state Danny Faure, ministers and their prominent wives, were vaccinated on Sunday. “I came as a sign of solidarity: if we all go in the same direction, we can beat this disease,” said ex-President Faure. The vaccination was then extended Monday to medical personnel, then to people working in essential sectors, to the elderly and finally to the entire population. The archipelago has received 50,000 doses of the Chinese vaccine developed by the Sinopharm laboratory with its subsidiary China National Biotec Group (CNBG) donated by the United Arab Emirates. The two countries maintain strong diplomatic relations.

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President Ramkalawan has announced that his country is also expecting 50,000 doses of AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine, a donation from the Indian government which is expected to arrive in Seychelles in late January. 95,000 people are affected by this non-compulsory vaccination campaign.


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