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TANZANIA – Hassan Samia Suluhu was sworn in, she will lead the country until 2025

Hassan Samia Suluhu

Hassan Samia Suluhu is now Tanzania’s first female president. 61 years old, she is the Vice President of former Head of State John Magufuli who has just retired on Wednesday, March 17, 2021. She was sworn in on Friday 19 March before Chief Justice Ibrahim Juma at the Republic Palace in Dar es Salaam, the capital. She will lead the country until 2025.  

Hassan Sami Suluhu, is the first woman to lead Tanzania. Of Muslim faith, she is 61 years old, she is one of the few women presidents of the African continent. After three weeks of absence accompanied by rumors about the health of former president John Magufuli, it was she who announced the death of the president on Wednesday, March 17. He was re-elected in October 2020 for a second term.

It will therefore complete the mandate of the late President of the Republic. Hassan Samia Suluhu becomes the only woman currently head of state in Africa. She is affectionately called Mama Samia, a nickname which, in Tanzanian culture, is a sign of respect and consideration. It is calm, cooperative and above all very open to dialogue, as evidenced by the visit it made in 2017 to the opposition leader Tundu Lissu at the hospital in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. The latter was the victim of an assassination attempt which he eventually survived.

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Hassan Sami Suluhu will have the task of raising the economic level of the country in a global context of health crisis. It will have the support of the executives of the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), the main party in power since Tanzania’s independence in 1961.


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