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TECHNOLOGIES – Intelligent drone created by Mohamed Thiam, a young Senegalese

Mohamed Thiam

Mohamed Thiam, a 25-year-old young Senegalese living in Canada, has just designed a smart drone. This drone is of exceptional quality is named “Zuri” and has classic features capable of executing voice commands.

The young Senegalese Mohamed Thiam has just unveiled his technological jewel. Indeed, it is an intelligent drone, piloted remotely. This connected drone is a service integrated with the Google assistant. “It is a drone capable of recognizing complex voice commands, and translating them into a sequence of simple actions in order to perform them in the best possible way. In other words, the user can tell him to do something through the voice, then the drone will interpret what was said and perform it,’ explained Mohamed Thiam

The former student with a DST in computer science at the École Supérieure Polytechnique (ESP) in Dakar wants to make Zuri more efficient. ‘If there is an innovation in this project, it would be this cocktail of cutting-edge technologies. On the other hand, real innovations are to come if the project is successful. The voice control part is only one feature among many. I will assess the level of progress of the project at about 10%. My wish is to bring it to fruition with all the possible capabilities,’ he says.

Mohamed Thiam

He had presented this project on his YouTube channel in August 2018. He explained how, in his first test phase, he managed to connect a Parrot Mambo drone to a raspberry, a nano-computer. At the same time, Mohamed Thiam developed the programme enabling the drone to carry out the tasks, which was integrated inside the raspberry. Zuri is a connected drone that uses Google Services (GCP) to receive voice commands from the user. For the latter, Zuri takes the form of a service integrated with the Google assistant. The user can therefore send voice commands to the drone via his smartphone or Google Home.

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Mohamed Thiam currently works in Montreal as a Web-developer. He is a computer enthusiast and a fan of new technologies.

Zuri – Mohamed Thiam
Mohamed Thiam

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