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TUNISIA: The polls are favorable to Kais Saïed.


The second round of presidential elections in Tunisia was held this Sunday, October 13, 2019. would be largely in the lead and could therefore become the second democratically elected president of the Tunisian nation.

There was a lot of people yesterday in the streets to celebrate the probable victory of 61-year-old Kais Saïd, professor of constitutional law and theoretician of direct democracy. According to the polls of the Sigma and Emrhod institutions, the future president of Tunisia would have obtained more than 70% of the votes validly cast.

Thus, he is well ahead of his competitor Nabil Karoui who, with the progressive announcement of results, made a statement at the headquarters of his party Qalba Tounes. He recalled his detention on remand for almost three weeks, which prevented him from campaigning properly and gaining the confidence of voters.

The official results from these elections of the second round will be announced this Monday, October 14, 2019 by the Independent Higher Instance for Elections (ISIE).


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