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UNITED-STATES: Covid-19: US nurse vaccinated with virus


The test performed six days after the injection confirmed that the 45-year-old Californian was positive for the coronavirus.

Even if the experts are reassuring – recalling that the vaccine is not effective immediately and that the immunization, 95% guaranteed for the American vaccine, presupposes a second injection to be made 21 days after the first dose inoculated -, the business risks giving more grain to grind the “antis”. An additional argument as the United States tries to control an epidemic with galloping evolution. 

According to the testimony of the interested party relayed by KGTV, the first symptoms would have been felt while he was working at the Emergency Department of the San Diego hospital. Muscle pain and fatigue added to the chills that prompted him to perform a test.The results will confirm that he had contracted Covid-19 despite the injection six days earlier.

A case that will necessarily fuel the mistrust and the already heated debate in the United States, where nearly two million Americans have been vaccinated, or ten times less than the goal announced by Donald Trump, has criticized the new president Joe Biden.

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Source: The Independent


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