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US: Confirmed divorce between country and WHO

President Donald Trump ©Facebook page The White House

US President Donald Trump announced on Friday 29 May 2020 that his country is ending its relationship with the World Health Organization.

President Donald Trump had already given his brakes, he had threatened to cut funding to the WHO. He has now put his threat to exsecurition.He accuses the UN agency of being too lenient towards China on the management of the coronavirus. Initially, the American president had already cut his country’s financial contribution to the Organization in April. “Everyone knows what is happening there. American taxpayers provide between $400 and $500 million a year to the WHO. China contributes about $40 million.The United States has a duty to hold to account, and one of the most dangerous and costly decisions of the WHO has been to oppose travel bans from China and other nations,” he said.

The WHO was founded on 7 April 1948 by the United Nations. It aims to promote public health and eradicate poverty in the world. 7,000 people work for the Organization. The WHO has 194 members worldwide. The United States is the main provider.

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“They have failed to make the necessary and necessary reforms, and we will end our relationship with the World Health Organization today and redirect these funds to other urgent and deserving global public health needs.”, said the White House tenant, ending the relationship between his country and the WHO. This announcement comes at a time when the spread of covid-19 is wreaking havoc in the world but especially in his country.

Coronavirus has already caused more than 360,000 deaths worldwide, and the United States is the most affected country with more than 103,000 deaths and at least 1.7 million contaminations.

President Donald Trump announces the withdrawal of the United States from the WHO. The video here:


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