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BENIN: Land use and transport planning: Hervé Hehomey and Paul Koffi Koffi review the application of community standards in Benin.

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It is by a working session held this Thursday, October 08 at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport that Paul Koffi KOFFI, in charge of the department of community land use planning and transport within the Commission of the Economic Union and West African Monetary (UEMOA) has started its work with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of Benin. Gathered around the Minister in charge of Infrastructure and Transport of Benin Hervé Hehomey, the various officials involved in the implementation of UEMOA regulations in the transport sector in turn explained to the Commissioner the various advances recorded by Benin. as regards the regulation of the transport sector, the application of regulation 14 relating to the control of loads on the road network, the management of toll and weighing stations and various reforms implemented since 2016.

Minister Hervé HEHOMEY during this meeting reaffirmed the will of the government of the Republic of Benin to work for an effective implementation of community regulations. In this sense, he reiterated the efforts made in the direction of the reforms which constituted at the creation of the Société des Infrastructures Routières du Bénin, the reform relating to the exact redefinition of the role of the National Agency of Civil Aviation and all the entities involved in the airport platform, the work in progress for the modernization of the Cardinal Bernardin GANTIN International Airport in Cotonou in terms of infrastructure, management mode and the steps to achieve its certification, and especially the major project of construction of the international airport of Glo-Djigbé.

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The second part of this busy day for Commissioner Paul Koffi KOFFI took place on the evening of Thursday, October 08 in Hillacondji, on the Benino-Togolese border where UEMOA with the support of the African Development Bank is in the process of build a juxtaposed checkpoint. Once there, it is with joy that the commissioner noted a notable progress in the work. The various buildings, the jumbo car park and the customs and police formalities counters have all been completed. According to the report of the control mission, the work estimated at around 8 billion CFA francs is at an execution rate of 98.20%. After a brief presentation by the head of the control mission of the various works carried out, Commissioner Paul Koffi KOFFI welcomed the progress of the works despite the problems recorded since their launch. The Deputy Director of the Cabinet of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport representing Minister Hervé HEHOMEY on the occasion, congratulated all the actors involved in the realization of the project and praised the merits of a successful integration between the communities.

The visit of Commissioner Paul Koffi KOFFI to Benin continues this Friday, October 09 with a working session with the stakeholders of the airport platform at the National Civil Aviation Agency in Cotonou and a visit to the toll and weighing site of Houègbo with the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport.

Source : Goverment of Benin


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